Outdoor Cushion Styling

Styling tips for your outdoor cushions

It's much easier than you think!

  1. If you like it, go for it – it can’t be wrong in your house if it's your personal choice! So many people get caught up in trends, but have faith in yourself, usually the thing that first catches your eye is the one for you.
  2. Use soft furnishings (like cushions!) to change a look. Small colour changes can update the look of any area.
  3. Gorgeous plants make such a difference and add life to any room. Hardy plants like succulents that are always green (and hard to kill) are perfect and low maintenance. Scented plants such as jasmine add a summery feel and delightful fragrance. Have some fresh flowers in the house! A vase with some gorgeous white lilies or roses from the garden add a personal touch as well as looking lovely.
  4. Maintain your outdoor furniture regularly, make sure it is protected and cleaned to increase its durability. Keeping your outdoor area clean also makes it look more inviting. A good sweep or hose down works wonders.
  5. Add lights or candles, especially solar ones that just come on at dusk, inviting you to sit outside and relax in the evenings.
  6. Remember that magazines are great for inspiration but not everyones house looks like that all the time.